ArangoDB is the leading native multi-model NoSQL database, with more than 10 million downloads. It combines the power of graphs, with JSON documents and a key-value store. ArangoDB makes all of your data models accessible with a single elegant declarative query language and has a natively integrated Search Engine. ArangoSearch allows users to combine two information retrieval techniques: boolean and generalized ranking retrieval. Oh, and did we mention ArangoDB is open source?

We are looking for an experienced C++ Engineer with a solid algorithmic background and understanding of information retrieval strategies to work with our team in Moscow on ArangoSearch. Our team works in a nice and cozy loft office near the center of Moscow, 10min walking distance from Tulskaya station.

About the Role

  • You develop and expand the search and ranking capabilities in ArangoDB across different data models further
  • Designing new search algorithms and implementing algorithms to optimize performance and stability
  • Improving and optimizing distributed search and ranking over ArangoDB cluster ecosystem
  • Supporting our open source community with your expertise
  • Presenting your work on international conferences and user groups, if interested

Your Skills

  • At least 3 years of intensive development experience with C/C++
  • Solid algorithmic background (regardless of language)
  • Very good in-depth knowledge of computational complexity theory
  • In-depth knowledge of information retrieval models, relevance models and language processing definitely a plus
  • Experience with parallel processing and optimization for modern distributed systems
  • Previous experience designing and developing large-scale search engine infrastructures helpful

The over 50 minds of ArangoDB come from 4 different continents and over a dozen countries. Diverse backgrounds enable us to see new solutions. We love this diversity and encourage everyone who is curious and visionary to join the multi-model movement.