ArangoDB is an open-source, highly scalable Graph Database with Multi-Model capabilities. In addition to graph, it is natively supporting a number of data models including document, and key-value as well as Full-Text Search and Retrieval. It serves as the scalable backbone for Graph-Analytics and complex data architectures across many different industries. Developers can build high-performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions. Oh, and did we mention it is open source?

As an open-source company, we provide and value the best possible information about the handling of our NoSQL database for both the community and our Enterprise clients. As our Technical Writer, you are responsible for creating and maintaining end user documentation for ArangoDB to teach the product to our community and clients.

Our headquarter is in San Francisco (US), we have an office in Cologne (Germany), but most of our diverse team works remotely worldwide. Since the majority of the Engineering team members are working from Central Europe, candidates in this location & time zone are preferred. So do you prefer your desk at home or do you want to join us at one of our locations? Your choice!

About the Role

  • You are responsible for the writing, editing, and publishing of our technical content like tutorials, guides, use case examples, and reference documentation
  • You coordinate with Software Engineering, Product Management, and the Customer Success Team to create new content
  • You craft trainings and tutorials for adopters and long-time users
  • If interested, you can work with Marketing for the publication of the technical blog posts and other content

Your Skills

  • A track record in technical writing for complex technical products, ideally an open source product
  • Experience with database systems, preferably NoSQL
  • Experience with git, markdown and static site generators
  • The ability to pass on complex technical information clearly and fit for the target audience
  • Ability to prioritize in a dynamic work environment

The over 80 minds of ArangoDB come from 4 different continents and over a dozen countries. Diverse backgrounds enable us to see new solutions. We love this diversity and encourage everyone who is curious and visionary to join the multi-model movement.