ArangoDB is an open-source, highly scalable Graph Database with Multi-Model capabilities. In addition to graph it is natively supporting a number of data models including Document, and Key-Value as well as Full-Text Search and Retrieval. It serves as the scalable backbone for Graph-Analytics and complex data architectures across many different industries. Developers can build high-performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions. Oh, and did we mention it is open source?

But we see a great opportunity in the development of the .Net/C# ecosystem, including drivers, adapters, and framework integrations, which already includes a dozen repositories. Hence we are looking for an experienced .Net/C# Developer to support, maintain and develop these projects and the community which comes with them.

Being an open-source project, our ecosystem is very diverse with a number of different languages. Your role involves supporting external contributors including for example different drivers, connectors such as Spark, Kafka, Spring, and other exciting ecosystem projects. In addition, you support projects in other modern languages such as Java, GoLang, Python, Rust, Scala, etc. This position is a perfect opportunity for those who want to jump into the world of different programming languages and to try something new.

Our headquarter is in San Francisco (US), our development hub is in Cologne (Germany) and our diverse team includes workmates at remote locations worldwide. So do you prefer your desk at home or do you want to join our modern family at one of our locations? Your choice.

About the Role

  • As a part of our team, you oversee the technical development of ArangoDB in the .Net/C# universe
  • You own the .Net/C# driver and other related integrations and libraries
  • You evaluate the latest developments and innovations in the C# field to further apply them in your work
  • You are taking part in the discussions and development of the cutting edge feature of the ArangoDB
  • You do talks about your projects at conferences and relevant user groups

Your Skills

  • You bring at least 3 years of strong hands-on .Net/C# experience
  • Knowledge of NoSQL/SQL, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes preferred
  • Experience with database systems and Data/ML ecosystem is a plus
  • Knowledge of at least one of the modern languages, such as Scala, Rust, Python, Golang, Java would be considered as a huge plus
  • Experience with Graphs Databases and Search Engines is a plus as well
  • You are passionate about solving complex problems, using an analytical approach
  • Open Source experience would be a great advantage

The over 80 minds of ArangoDB come from 4 different continents and over a dozen countries. Diverse backgrounds enable us to see new solutions. We love this diversity and encourage everyone who is curious and forward-thinking to advance the multi-model movement with us. Join Team Avocado!